Welcome to World Bank Today!

Here we want to take a very, very serious look at all the serious issues facing the World Bank in today’s tough, complicated economy.

We will take a close look at ongoing controversies, including:

  • Where to have money fights.
  • Will Gold Hats Ever Come Into Fashion?
  • How can we keep Africans poor?
  • Be More Dismissive of Critics
  • Take Ourselves More Seriously.

In the meantime, feel free to welcome our new Chief Strategic Slobber Officer, Tillman the Skateboarding Dog:

This site is meant to be parody. Any members of the World Bank who are offended should get yourself a classy hooker to talk to. They’ll tell you you’re not that bad, and that–in a way–you’re a hero, like Superman. That, and some illicit drugs might help you sleep well that night.

In the meantime, check out some good websites here as well as here.

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